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What To Do When Web Copy Is Not Working

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Sometimes copywriters think they know their audience well, but, in actuality, they don’t.

Similarly, copywriters can guess what the target audience’s hot buttons are, but if we don’t know why people arc buying the product or service, we won’t know how to rewrite the ropy if it isn’t pulling in sales.

If you are the web copywriter hired to write the copy for a flat fee, you may not care much about this, except that you might not get repeat business.

If, however, you’re a web copywriter who is getting a percentage of the sales, or an Internet marketer who writes web copy for your own products and services, this will matter a great deal.

Surveying customers is so much simpler on the Internet. You no longer have to phone 100 people.

All you need do is send a well-designed e-mail to those who bought the product and ask the following questions:

  ”What are the reasons you bought this product or service, or what motivated you to buy?”

  ”Can you list the top benefits of the product or service that convinced you to act?” Alternatively, you may prefer to list the main benefits and say, “Here are a few of the benefits of our product or service. Please rank them in order of importance.”

For those who don’t buy but have left their contact infuriation and for those who return the product they bought, try asking the following questions:

Why didn’t you buy?

What, if anything, was confusing about the offer?

Why did you return the product?

When you survey your customers, you often discover that the top benefit is something you buried somewhere in the middle of your web copy.


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