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Traffic Generation: Getting The Word Out And The Visitors In

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A website with killer copy but no traffic is like a beautiful store filled with desirable merchandise located in the boondocks – people will never find it.

What good are killer copy, opt-in offers, autoresponders that convert website visitors into customers, and all the tracking devices in the world if no one stops by to visit?

The topic of traffic generation is vast. Therefore, this post limits the discussion to a few strategies that have been effective in my own experience.

Search Engine Positioning
Whenever the subject of traffic generation is discussed, invariably search engine positioning comes up.

Some Internet experts contend that an estimated 86 percent of the average website’s traffic comes from search engines.

While it is true that website promotions that include search engine positioning and optimization may contribute to a website’s success, a website can nevertheless succeed without it, as long as it employs other traffic-generation strategies.

I’ve seen highly profitable websites that get little or no search engine exposure. Still, no discussion of traffic generation would be complete without the topic of search engine positioning.

I’ve learned that trying to get top search engine rankings is a major undertaking that is best left in the hands of professional search engine positioning and optimization experts.

Seeking high search engine rankings in all the major search engines is a complex undertaking that requires diligence and attention because the search engines use different algorithms (sets of rules) to rank pages.

Even if you succeed in satisfying all the algorithms, those algorithms change constantly, which means if you get the advice that tells you to have your target keyword appear no more than 12 times on your home page, that advice is probably obsolete by the time you hear it.

The search engines are always five steps ahead of everyone. For this reason, I leave search engine positioning to professionals who specialize in that field.

Trying to maintain a high search engine ranking is a time-consuming endeavor, and requires constant maintenance, so I do what I’m good at and let search engine professionals do what they’re good at.

The Internet abounds with search engine professionals who can guarantee that your website listing will appear in the top 10, top 20, or top 30 search results in the major search engines under specific keywords or phrases.

Do a search on any search engine for the keywords, “search engine optimization” or “search engine ranking” and you’ll find hundreds, if not thousands of professionals who can improve the ranking of your website, thereby increasing your website traffic.

Pay-per-Click Search Engines
Pay-per-click search engines are search engines that allow you to pay for placement or ranking in their particular search engine.

This is an effective way to attract inexpensive, targeted traffic to your website because you pay only for eyeballs of people who actually click through to your website.

Overture is the leader of the pack when it comes to pay-per-click search engines.

The minimum bid is 5 cents per click, but in order to have your listing among the top search results, the per-click price you would need to bid may have to be considerably higher, depending on the popularity of your keywords or how highly searched or how competitive your keywords are.

Here’s an example of how pay-per-click economics work: If you bid 50 cents per click for the keywords “water purifier,” and 100 people click through to your website, your cost would be $50 (100 clicks x 50 cents).

If you happen to be bidding for highly competitive words, it may cost you $2.00 or more per click, but that’s because many more people search for those words, which drives up the bid price.

In the end though, it doesn’t matter how high you bid or whether you’re ranked number one in the search results, because if your listing is not compelling, no one will click.

Overture allows you to create your own listing, so when you design your listing, make sure you follow the guidelines for writing online ads while at the same time abiding by the rules of Overture (or any other pay per click search engine).

With a well-constructed listing, you can at least be assured that you will get a good percentage of click-through to your website.

Warning: Do not – I repeat, do not-bid to have a high ranking if you do not have killer copy on your website backing you up. All the clicks in the world are worth nothing if your web copy doesn’t convert those visitors into customers.

Overture is the top pay-per-click search engine, followed in popularity by FindWhat.com.

There are several hundred pay-per-click search engines out there, and if you want to know who they are, as well as to get tips and strategies about using pay-per-click search engines, go to wwwpayperclicksearchengines.com/.

Linking Strategies
Another way to get top rankings in the search engines-without really trying-is by getting other websites to link to your website.

The algorithms of the search engines take the number of websites linking to your website into consideration when ranking you. The more websites that link to you, the higher your search engine ranking.

The more websites linking to your website, the higher your search engine ranking. Even more important, when you get those websites to link to your site, your website will be exposed to all the web visitors of all those websites that link to you, and that means more web traffic and more sales.

The key is to get websites with high traffic to link to you. If you get dozens of high-traffic websites funneling their traffic to yours, you’ll be amazed how much traffic you can get.

Once you get a link from a website, the link will probably stay up forever, paying you dividends in terms of traffic for weeks, months, and years to come.

Of course, websites won’t be inclined to link to your site if all you have on your site is copy that reeks of advertising, which is yet another reason to aim for an editorial style of writing crafted with hidden selling.

How to Get Websites to Link to Your Site.
There’s a long, tedious way of doing it, and there’s an easy, painless way.

I’ll tell you about the long, tedious way first so that you’ll really appreciate the easy, painless way that I will show you.

The long, tedious way is to scour the web looking for websites that are most likely to link to yours.

You’d use a search engine and type in a keyword or phrase that would yield websites that are similar to or related to your website.

For example, if you have a website that sells widgets, you’d search for websites catering to widget users, the widget industry, and so on.

When you get your search results, you’ll have to scroll through the hundreds, even thousands, of websites and click through to them one by one to find the contact information or the e-mail address of someone to whom you can send your linking proposal.

Then you have to type an e-mail to every e-mail address you find, cross your fingers, and hope that after spending countless hours doing this, some of them will say yes, they’ll link to your site.

The easy and painless way is to use two invaluable tools that you can download for free. The first is webFerret, at www.ferretsoft.com, and the second is 2bpop, at www2bpop.com/.

They work beautifully in tandem. Once you’ve downloaded them, go to one of your website’s competitors-one that has many websites linking to it.

Using webFerret, you can then pull up every single site on the Internet that links to your competitor’s site and save the list.

Next, open 2bpop, which will automatically find an e-mail address on that website; 2bpop allows you to load and send the same template e-mail very rapidly.

You can even set it up so that your 2bpop merges information from the website you’re viewing into your template e-mail. This makes the process lightning fast.

E-Zines and Newsletters
If you’ve been involved in Internet marketing for any length of time, you’ve probably heard it said that dollar for dollar, the best marketing promotion you can do is to run ads in other people’s e-zines and newsletters with the same target audience as yours.

Even better is to write compelling promotional articles or free reports and offer them as content to websites, newsletters, and e-zines.

Type the keywords “directory of e-zines” or “e-zine directory” on any search engine and you’ll find resources that list e-zines and online publications in which you can advertise or submit content.

It hasn’t escaped anyone’s attention that the Internet has become a global marketplace such as the world has never known. Fortunes have been made, and will continue to be made.


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