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Not Working Referrals

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MarketingSherpa research shows business executive trust word of mouth far more than any other marketing communication.

Yes, even for extremely expensive investments (in fact, often more for big investments.)

Good word of mouth can get your company name on the shortlist more easily and faster than any other type of advertising.

Yet, we’ve found very few business-to-business marketers have any sort of formal referral-encouragement program.

Have you:
• Scored the referral potential for every current client in your database?  Do you know who is more likely to refer you and who thinks you stink?  (Start by looking over your annual client survey and then your service center call logs.)

• Added end-user data to your client database so you can keep in touch with some one besides the accounting department and the top-exec who signed off on the purchase?

• Kept track of which client, end-user, media, and analyst bloggers might conceivably ever write about you?

• Set up a routine re-connect operation to track and maintain relationships with all key client executive as they make career moves?

A client who loves you is your best evangelist when they switch companies or divisions.

• Let your clients know they are rock stars to you by profiling them in your email newsletter or other materials?

No, we’re not talking about a marketing case study or testimonial.  We’re talking about interviews and profiles of general interest

• Centralized and internally promoted a wiki or intranet where client-facing staff from all departments can post testimonials, favorable emails, great phone call notes, etc when connecting with current happy clients, so that marketing knows whom to ask later for formal testimonials?

• Brought in a videographer to your annual user group meeting with the express purpose of collecting some video and audio snippets for your Web site and email programs of clients talking about you.


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