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Meeting The Purpose Of Web Copy: Generating Leads, Customers, And Sales

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The purpose of web copy–and it can’t be said too often–is to generate leads, customers, sales, and consequently profits for a website. 

Web copy should not be confused with web content, which is simply words written for the web for the purpose of informing, communicating, entertaining, or edifying the reader.

Web copy, therefore, is essentially another form of direct-response advertising (direct mail sales, letters and TV infomercials are examples of direct-response advertising), although different media sometimes require different techniques to obtain the same results.

Direct-response advertising compels the audience to respond in some way or take action of some kind. 

It tells the audience to do something specific during or at the end of an ad.  That response or action could be anything from calling a toll-free number for more information to sending in a coupon, visiting a store, or ordering a product.

The AIDA Principle
The four fundamentals of writing good copy are summed up in the time-honored AIDA principle:

A Capture the audience’s attention.
I Get the audience’s interest.
D Build desire (for your offer).
A Induce action.
What else do you do to generate leads, customers, and sales?


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