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How To Become A Great Web Copywriter Faster

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Perhaps you’ve heard of the concept of modeling success.  If you want to achieve success at anything, the fastest way to do it is by modeling the strategies of those who are already successful at it.

That way, you take something complex and synthesize it into its essence so you can use it immediately.

You’ve probably heard of real estate agents going into selling mode by constantly repeating to themselves.  “I’m going to sell this house.”

Successful real estate agents start off with the mind-set that the sale is already made Model the strategy that successful people use to be successful.

In web copywriting, the best way is to model successful such a website that you admire greatly and that you know has produced tons of sales for its owner.

Start copying it by hand. Write the entire sales letter out in your own handwriting. Write it out two or three times over the next week.

Depending on how test you write, this will take roughly five hour–less if you write quickly or if the sales letter you choose is short.

An examnoke if successful web copy that you can handwrite can be found at www.MagicWordsThatMakeYouRich.com.

This takes a lot of discipline, not to mention time, but I assure you, it will be worth the effort.

Once you write this sales letter over and over again, you will start internalizing the wording, the phraseology, the rhythm, even the mind-set of the person who wrote the copy.

Your brain assimilates it and you practically step into the mind of the person who wrote it.  This is by far the best modeling exercise I’ve found for accelerating web copywriting skills.

Next time you sit down to write web copy, the wording, the phrasing, and even part of the writer’s thought process will have become a part of you, and you will find that it becomes much easier to sit down and begin flowing right into a winning sales piece.

A Simple Blueprint for Writing Killer Web Copy
Internalize the Golden Rule of sales that says, “All things being equal, people will do business with, and refer business to, those people they know, like, and trust.”–Bob Burg

Before you write one word of copy, you must first
• Know your objective
• Know your target audience
• Know the product or service

Your objective
What are you trying to accomplish?  What response are you trying to obtain?  Your objective might not be to make a sale, but rather to get your reader to send for free information or to get your reader to sign up for your mailing list.  Or your objective might be to sell your product or service.

Your target audience
The more you know about your target audience, the easier it will be to convince them that they need your product or service.

The more specific your knowledge of your target audience is, the better.  Let’s say you are selling a book on weight loss.

Your target audience is overweight people, but you might fine-tune that to target overweight people whose jobs revolve around computer work and who have no time to work out, let alone go to the gym.  This is the target audience of a website called WeightLossTricksThatWork.com.

Your product or service
After identifying the audience to whom you are writing, it’s essential to know the product or service about which you’re writing.

Immerse yourself in it.  The five Ws of journalism are a handy tool to use for this:  What?  Why?  Where?  When?  Who?  and the bonus How?

Before you begin writing, ask yourself:
What is the product or service?  What is it made of?
Why was it invented or developed?
Where did it originate?
When was it discovered?
Who invented or discovered it?
How is it made?

Learn everything you can about your product or service.  Uncover the benefits of owning your product or using service.

Only after you identify your objective, falniliarize yourself with your target audience, and know your product or service thoroughly is it time to start writing.

Before you write one word of copy, what else described in here, you think should be considered?


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