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Delay is the enemy of a sale

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Legendary marketer and copywriter Vic Schwab, who authored the classic “How to Write a Good Advertisement: 

A Short Course in Copywriting,” said, “Delay is the enemy of a sale.”  In writing web copy, your close needs to remove all obstacles that stand in the way of the reader taking action on the offer. 

The way to do it is by first making the offer and then injecting a sense of urgency in taking action on the offer. 

Injecting urgency simply means giving the reader a reason to act now.  You can employ one or more of the following:

  A free gift/bonus or a discount or reduced price if the reader responds on or before a certain date in the near future.  Sweeten the deal, and whet the appetite.  Sometimes the bonus can be so compelling that, like the guarantee, it can even be the headline.

  A time limit on an offer.

  A limited supply.

  A notification that prices are going up soon.

The close should also emphasize what the reader gains by responding quickly or loses by delaying action.

Call to Action
The call to action (CTA) is part of the close.  Here, you must tell your reader exactly what to do.  Some marketers miss this important step.  Even if it’s obvious to you what the reader ought to do next, you must direct them to do it.  Always use action verbs in the CTA:

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