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Entries from January 15th, 2008

Four Steps To Web Copywriting Success

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Step 1. Understand exactly what you want your web copy to accomplish. In other words, define your objective, but this time, be more specific.

Step 2. Take action to fulfill your objective. This includes writing the best possible web copy and marketing communications and getting traffic to your website (using linking strategies, search engine optimization, a revenue-sharing [affiliate] program, pay-per-click search engine advertising, or any other traffic-generating methods).

Step 3. Observe what’s working and what isn’t working. Track and test your results continually. Do more of what’s working, and eliminate what’s not working (including, but not limited to, key elements of your web copy).

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Traffic Generation: Getting The Word Out And The Visitors In

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A website with killer copy but no traffic is like a beautiful store filled with desirable merchandise located in the boondocks – people will never find it.

What good are killer copy, opt-in offers, autoresponders that convert website visitors into customers, and all the tracking devices in the world if no one stops by to visit?

The topic of traffic generation is vast. Therefore, this post limits the discussion to a few strategies that have been effective in my own experience.

Search Engine Positioning
Whenever the subject of traffic generation is discussed, invariably search engine positioning comes up.

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In writing a web copy, readers’ wants, needs, and dreams should be identified and met.

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Involvement devices are devices that get people involved with your copy. They move people to read every word of your Copy.

Getting your website visitors to read your copy is job number one if your objective is to sell them something. When you use involvement devices, you effectively own your audience; that is, you hold your audience captive.

Let see how an involvement device on the website could make a deference.  This client’s web copy original headline reads, “Learn how to be prosperous, successful and happy in just 10 minutes a day,” was an attempt to get at what he thought were the hot buttons of his target audience.

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How To Become A Great Web Copywriter Faster

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Perhaps you’ve heard of the concept of modeling success.  If you want to achieve success at anything, the fastest way to do it is by modeling the strategies of those who are already successful at it.

That way, you take something complex and synthesize it into its essence so you can use it immediately.

You’ve probably heard of real estate agents going into selling mode by constantly repeating to themselves.  “I’m going to sell this house.”

Successful real estate agents start off with the mind-set that the sale is already made Model the strategy that successful people use to be successful.

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What To Do When Web Copy Is Not Working

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Sometimes copywriters think they know their audience well, but, in actuality, they don’t.

Similarly, copywriters can guess what the target audience’s hot buttons are, but if we don’t know why people arc buying the product or service, we won’t know how to rewrite the ropy if it isn’t pulling in sales.

If you are the web copywriter hired to write the copy for a flat fee, you may not care much about this, except that you might not get repeat business.

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Guidelines For Writing Online Ads, Signature Files, And Banner Copy

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Writing online classified ads, e-zine and newsletter ads, signature files, banner copy, and other advertising copy for use on the web requires strategies a little different from offline ad writing.

Where an offline ad might feature a strong benefit-laden headline, or give the product or service’s unique selling proposition, writing your online ad requires a different kind of discipline-the same kind required to create an editorial as opposed to an advertisement.

It’s so easy to use short, punchy copy reminiscent of classified ads in the offline world, such as “Lose weight while you sleep. Click here to learn more,” or “Learn a foreign language in 30 days. Click here for more information.”

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How To Write appealing Autoresponder E-Mails

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Once you have captured the names of those people you entered with the free report, what do you send them via e-mail? 

Send a series of follow-up e-mails using the autoresponder mechanism.

Most web hosts allow you to use e-mail addresses that automatically call up a prewritten e-mail that you upload to their server.

When someone sends an e-mail to that address, your web host’s server automatically sends out the prewritten e-mail that you uploaded.

Taking this a step further, there are e-mail programs, shopping cart programs, and services that allow you to send a series of prewritten e-mails to your opt-in list at predetermined intervals, say, every three days. This automates the follow-up system for you.

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How To Write Free Reports And Promotional Articles

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Writing free reports or promotional articles can be one of the most profitable things you can do to promote the product or service you’re selling on your website.

When you write a free report or promotional article, you can use it not only as your opt-in offer, but you can also offer its content to websites, newsletters, and e-zines.

The more it is picked up, the more traffic it will pump to your website. Information is the Internet’s main commodity, so when you have good content to offer, you’ll find many takers.

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Online Marketing Communications, THE OPT-IN OFFER: YOUR MOST IMPORTANT ASSET

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Converting web visitors into customers is rarely completed during the website visit.

But by crafting an irresistible opt-in offer and following up with e-mail messages designed to build rapport and a relationship with the prospects, conversion rates of 15 to 25 percent (and sometimes greater) can be achieved.

Capturing contact information is fundamental to the success of any business enterprise. As web marketer, entrepreneur, or copywriter, your primary goal, at the very least, should he capturing your web visitors’ e-mail addresses.

Without this information, you have in effect wasted all the time, money, and effort it took to get them to your website. 

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How To Write E-Mail That’s Sell

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Seven Elements of E-Mails That Sell

Element 1: A Compelling Subject Line.
The subject line should be irresistible and must beg to be opened, not because of hype or overly commercial language, but because it is compelling.

What’s more, your subject line must not appear to an advertisement, which, even if it somehow got through the filters, would have the same effect as asking readers to watch a TV commercial.

Remember that each of us is bombarded with an average of 3,500 commercial messages per day-from TV, billboards, radio, the Internet, and practically everywhere we turn.

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