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Entries from September 30th, 2007

The art of chat in advertising

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Who are we talking to?” is a question asked in the formulation of literally every ad campaign under the sun –The emphasis is always on the first word.

It’s about targeting. However, the offence is forgetting about the second bit. The bit about talking to.

Traditionally, of course, advertising has “talked at.” That’s supposedly changed in recent years. But today’s marketing jargon about conducting a dialogue with the consumer is mostly just that, Jargon.

Many marketers are trying to personalize their brands, pretending to be like real people and yet not quite making it. It’s like faking sincerity. Glib. Unless you’re real, and real careful, you end up with depersonalized personalization.

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The law of the silver elephant in advertising

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This is a great article. Because there’s too much good in the world. Too many good, solid campaigns. Too many good, sound people. Too many good meetings. Too few great successes.

Can a good idea become a great idea? How do you recognize great creative people? Research and analysis, more time and a bigger budget, will not transform into great.

Great comes from a different see of values altogether. It’s no point sharpening the same pencil.

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The significance of topicality in advertising

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How to talk persuasively about topical and tactical advertising in a book? A medium more about shelf life than it is about plugging into the zeitgeist of whatever exact moment you happen to be reading these words.

Being topical isn’t so easy when the advertising process itself is so killing to freshness and immediacy.

An average ad is worked over an average of 30 times in meetings from concept to dispatch. No wonder so many end up so average.

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Taste and advertisement

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The customer is king. Except in many agency creative departments, where winning awards turns you into royalty.

The customer is king. Except in many agency network boardrooms, where winning new business rules.

The customer is king. Except in many client hierarchies, where advertising standards reflect what junior mangers believe will get the nod of approval later when they present the work to their senior people.

So, perhaps the customer has bee dethroned. In fact, maybe the customer’s interests are more often king-hit.

I recall a senior FMCG marketer once rejecting a TVC script by explaining: “the problem is, that idea is only made for the market!”

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Simplicity: the law of advertising

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First things first. How on earth do you get your message through? There’s so much rival noise already distracting your prospect in such a cluttered world.

How do you rise above the daily ruckus, not just the static coming from other advertisers, but the clamorous information explosion we’re all living in?

Nature understands that in a cluttered world, you must find a way to get yourself into clear space if you’re going to communicate successfully. The question is: how do you get your ad into clear space?

Un-clutter, if you want to be noticed in a jumbled world, be ruthlessly simple. Simplicity is the only foolproof advertising technique.

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The outlaw in advertising

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Spanish Nobel Literature Laureate and poet, Juan Ramon Jimenez, said: “If they give you ruled paper, write the other way.”

Differentiation is the reason for a brand’s existence. Differentiation is, therefore, the basic responsibility of a brand’s advertising.

So why do so many ads look the same? Especially, as Jim Aitchison says: “The less an ad looks like an ad, the more likely it is to get noticed.”

If everyone is zigging, and following certain prescribed rules, then the only sensible thing to do is to zag. Be a contrarian. An outlaw.

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