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Entries from August 29th, 2007

What is the most important element of a website?

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The first screen (or the first eyeful) is the prime selling space of your website, and what you put in it makes or breaks its success.

Do not confuse the first screen with the first page, which is often referred to as the home page or the landing page of a website.

The first screen is only the part of the page that appears on the screen when you land on a website; it’s the screen you see before you scroll down or sideways.

In a print newspaper, its counterpart is the information above the fold, which draws maximum readership.

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People shouldn’t be an afterthought in website design

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Users need to be considered early and often. Usability needs to be a part of every step of the design process.

Our approach is pervasive usability – integrating usability into everything we do. Our philosophy is that usability should not be and add-on, but that everyday processes should be modified to be user-centered.

Make usability part of everything you do. Make it a lifestyle. People shouldn’t be an afterthought in design.

Testing and fixing a web site after it’s built is inefficient and unlikely to produce a good design.

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Fundamental Rules For Writing Web Copy

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 In the advertising world, the words employed to communicate a sales message in an advertisement or commercial are called advertising copy, and the people who write these words are known as copywriters.

This term should not be confused with copyright, which is a legal mechanism that protects you ownership of what you write.

Similarly, web copy refers to the words employed to communicate a sales message on the web and the people who write these words are the web copywriters.

Although distinctly different in tone from advertising copy, web copy has the same objectives, that is, to generate leads, customers, sales, and, consequently, profits for a website.

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